Founded by Ron Holmes and Kareem Kenyatta, both natives of Chicago’s South Side, The Majority-Minority Group is a value-driven company that aims to create more minority-owned businesses. The company’s first stated mission is to put more color in the cannabis industry by helping minority and female applicants not just win cannabis licenses but also run successful businesses.

Holmes and Kenyatta, using a combined 25 years of experience in state government and politics, assisted in negotiating Illinois’ cannabis legalization legislation, hailed as the most social equity-driven cannabis law in the country. Holmes served as the lead lobbyist for The Medical Cannabis Alliance of Illinois, a trade association representing cultivation centers and dispensary organizations. Kenyatta lobbied on behalf of the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP), the largest organization in the United States to focus on enacting humane marijuana laws.

While lobbying on behalf of the adult-use of cannabis in Illinois, Holmes and Kenyatta realized that cannabis legalization is more than an issue of racial and social justice for those disproportionately harmed by America’s drug war -- it is also a business imperative in which people of color should and must participate.

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